Training and Consulting Solutions

Step out of the Darkness......... and into the Light.

At ADW Consultancy we listen to the business needs of our customers, problem-solving to offer solutions that scale and flex as organisations change and adapt to new challenges.


Our customers may need a security analysis; training needs analysis, training courses or scenario-based exercises; or may require a longer-term programme of transformational change or a large scale, multi-agency training and activities delivered over some days to identify areas of excellence and those requiring focus and development.

Our training meets the highest standards required for both vocational and academic standards in the government and private sectors.

Whatever the need, using best practice and proven methods we work closely with our clients to design, develop and maintain bespoke solutions assisting governments, organisations and personnel to protect, thrive and prosper.

About Us



ADW Consultancy is a leading, international provider of high-quality consultancy and training in the Policing and Security Sector offering quality specialist training to our clients.




At ADW Consultancy we offer an unrivalled range of solutions for Consultancy, Strategy, Advisors, Training Solutions, and support services all delivered to you by our experts.




The training offerings by ADW Consultancy is delivered by our highly competent and experienced Consultants. We only provide the very best of the professions in the subject with the latest knowledge.